The little boy frowned and raised his head impatiently. He saw Zhou Zixuan\’s beautiful face with a gentle smile. His face was also mild: some led to the other three main gates, the nine small Zong gates, the thirteen families, and some major immortal towns. Of course, some led to the mortal world. However, these transmission arrays have one-way transmission and two-way transmission

In the past ten years when people lived outside the square city, they had no resources at all. Except for the miraculous medicine and rice that Duan Xiaomei carried with her, their cultivation could not be improved at all! In fact, the aura here can\’t even compare with that in Jiaogu Town, because there are large-scale spirit gathering arrays in the square city and tianshangzong, and there are areas with poor aura thousands of miles away! In five days, the sect will accept disciples

Jiang Jingchuan learned quickly. Yu Jiu didn\'t gi...

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The four talismans are talismans made of animal skin and blood. They can be used repeatedly. Their power is unmatched by spirit talismans! Even the friars in the foundation period dare not underestimate a piece of Fubao! After five months, she used up all the spirit animal skins she collected and made 3000 runes! It took three days to make one at the beginning, but now it only takes ten interest! The efforts during this period were unbearable to ordinary people, and Duan Qiong insisted with her teeth. Array and talisman have a lot in common. Duan Qiong\’s practice is also very easy, and she is quite happy with it. This is her favorite practice! Duan Qiong was very helpless to refine the ware. She spent a lot of resources and effort, and the effect was not obvious! If Duan Qiong didn\’t think that she would encounter fairy pieces in the future, she could recast them into super fairy objects. She really didn\’t want to practice! However, the most difficult four product refining device will soon pass, and Duan Qiong breathed a long sigh of relief

Even if it is confirmed that she really fainted, t...

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Duan Qiong and others have learned the method of hiding and have adjusted their accomplishments to the day after tomorrow. Duan Zhou specially adjusted his accomplishments to the peak of the day after tomorrow because he is the eldest son of Duan family. Duan Xi Yan and Duan he are the perfect day after tomorrow. Duan Qiong, Duan Xiaomei and Duan Ziqin are in the middle of the day after tomorrow. Duancheng tour is also the peak day after tomorrow. The passage reveals the early days of the day after tomorrow

Empress Dowager Yang was also very emotional when ...

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