After several times in succession, I thought your Majesty would not arrive, so I invited directly.

\”What a rare guest?\” Lin Yan came out to open the door when he heard the knock. He was surprised to see Lin Cheng coming. Lin Cheng looked at him and didn\’t speak. Two people entered the house. There was no one in the house. \”Why aren\’t your sister-in-law and your child at home?\” Lin Yan handed him a cigarette and said, \”go back to your mother\’s house for two days. It\’s not a holiday. Go back and have a look first. You have to go to work when you go back for one day during the new year.\” \”what\’s the matter with you? Are you back?\” Lin Yan took a cigarette and looked at him. Lin Cheng didn\’t reply. He was smoking with a cold face. \”It\’s OK to go back and have a look. After all, Lin Xuan is getting married soon.\” Lin Yan smiled and saw that there was something in it. \”Get married? With whom?\” Lin Cheng still wondered. Not to mention being lame, who dares to marry his daughter to such a person? Lin Yan puts the cigarette butts into the ashtray, \”Feng Suyuan.\” Lin Cheng:!!! He was so surprised when he heard this, \”is Lin Guoqiang crazy to compare?\” not to mention that Lin Xuan is a few years younger than Feng Suyuan, but Lin Xuan is obedient? And Feng Suyuan is willing to marry Lin Xuan? He really can\’t understand it. It\’s not that Lin Cheng thinks he is right. Feng Suyuan likes him much, but that Lin Xuan should have another goal. Lin Yan smiled and said meaningfully, \”when they get married, the Feng family will be here. Don\’t worry, it will be more lively in the future.\” on the other hand, Li Siyu went to the department store alone to buy everyone a small gift for the new year. She was having a salesperson wrap her a dark red sweater when she was interrupted. \”I\’ll take this one.\” Li Siyu turned his head and saw Feng Suyuan standing next to her, followed by Lin Xuan. The combination of the two made her unable to understand, and she said, \”I read it first.\”


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