Grandpa Li? a eunuch was coming over with a tea cup. Li Feng ordered it before. When he saw that Li Feng was leaving, he immediately looked uneasy.

She didn\’t have the courage to ask leader Zhou why he didn\’t assign her a job, so she had to sit here in a daze. She heard what she had just said, which surprised her and didn\’t slow down for a long time. Why should she be transferred? That technical secondary school student can hang up to go to college. It\’s too unfair. She\’s also a college student. Why should Xu Weinan\’s wit be blocked and get up angrily to find group leader Zhou. She wanted to ask why she refused to accept the transfer of a college student. She ran all the way to the office and didn\’t see team leader Zhou. It was time for lunch. She didn\’t think about anyone in the office. She went directly to the canteen and saw team leader Zhou sitting there for dinner and ran over. \”Leader Zhou, I have something to ask you.\” Xu Weinan looked angry and stunned the others. Sitting at the table with group leader Zhou are the leaders of various departments, also looking at Xu Weinan. \”It\’s dinner time now. If it\’s work, please come to my office after one o\’clock.\” team leader Zhou raised his hand and looked at his watch. It\’s just over 11:30 now. His face was as serious as ever, and he looked at Xu Weinan with disgust in his eyes. Anyone who doesn\’t dislike such a moth in the group will dislike it. Just as teachers dislike bad students, they are generally annoying. Xu Weinan doesn\’t know that he dislikes himself, but looking at his table full of leaders, he also knows that it\’s not working time. But now it will be better to say, so that all leaders will know that group leader Zhou shielded Li Siyu and transferred her away. She must say this grievance. \”Team leader Zhou, why did you recommend a university place to Director Li, but you wanted to transfer me away? I\’m a serious college student.\” Xu Weinan was not satisfied and said it directly, regardless of the dark face of team leader Zhou. Li Siyu naturally heard her question and thought that the student was a college student. He didn\’t know whether he was serious or not. Team leader Zhou looked at her with a gloomy face. She was still unconvinced on her face and smiled angrily. \”What qualifications do you have to come and ask me about college students? As a college student like you, it\’s not as good as a junior high school student. Don\’t beat up the three words of college students here.\” group leader Zhou replied impolitely. He worked for nearly two months without any performance. He spent all day in the office.


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