Empress dowager, my hair is not dry yet. Shen Ling hesitated, wiped her wet hair tail, and whispered, why don\’t I have a meal in the small hall.

Secretary Zhao almost jumped up when she asked, \”how big is your face? Let others send you meat?\” it was the first time to see this kind of person. Secretary Zhao was so angry by her that looking at this person thought she was crazy. Secretary Fu glanced faintly at a man in the corner of the cat. \”Secretary Liu, pay attention next time.\” the man named nodded honestly, \”good secretary Fu, it\’s troublesome for you.\” he hated the iron and steel and stared at Secretary Wang. Unfortunately, people didn\’t take him. Secretary Wang reluctantly paid the money and watched others buy it. Finally, Li Siyu left three kilograms of meat and two chickens. She bought other people\’s things. After all, she came here to buy and sell. She bought some daily necessities, spent ten yuan, and then didn\’t buy them. After all, there are so many things that it\’s useless for her to buy. There are basically all in the space. When Secretary Fu saw that it was almost over, he ended the transaction. When everyone should go home, Li Siyu came up to Secretary Fu and said, \”Secretary Fu, thank you very much today.\” Li Siyu also sincerely thanked him. After all, the most important thing is to say a few words. Secretary Fu smiled and waved his hand. \”It\’s nothing. I don\’t like those who have high eyes and low hands.\” Li Siyu handed over a kilo of meat and said, \”Secretary Fu, take this back. It\’s a thank-you gift.\” Li Siyu was willing to give up the child because he couldn\’t get the wolf. It\’s just a kilo of meat. Li Siyu was willing to give up. Secretary Fu\’s eyes smiled and he liked this kind of decent child. Li Siyu: I\’m not only on the road, but also on the highway. Do you want to know? \”Then thank you.\” Secretary Fu then nodded with satisfaction. Secretary Li was a little interesting. Li Siyu smiled and sent her away. He also carried the basket on his back and was ready to go. Seeing that she was leaving, Secretary Zhao leaned over immediately. \”Secretary Li, let\’s go together?\” Secretary Zhao asked with a smile. \”OK!\” it\’s a fool to have a car and not do it. Of course we should go together!


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