Seeing this, Li Feng immediately came forward and opened his words, Miss Shen, can this cloak keep warm?

Li Siyu smiled and nodded, \”yes, our family may be smaller, because there are not so many people.\” This is what Zhang Xuewen told her last time. Generally speaking, there are only two workers in her family working in the mine, and it\’s good to divide them into 30 square meters. But there\’s no difference between living in that kind of house and dormitory, that is, they have independent space. But Li Siyu thinks it\’s still very small, not without money. Of course, if you have money, you have to live in a big house. Li Siyu looks at a lot of people inside, I stayed outside with Li Chengcai for a while. \”Sister-in-law, can we move in when we divide the house?\” Li Chengcai also wants to live in a new house, regardless of its size. Now he lives only 30 square meters, and the new house is small. Li Siyu shook his head. \”The house needs ventilation and drying. How can we move in in autumn.\” According to later generations, the house can be decorated only if it is ventilated and not wet. After decoration, it needs to be ventilated again, otherwise there will be formaldehyde. But considering the conditions at this time, Li Siyu is not sure. Maybe he doesn\’t even need decoration. Buy some newspapers and stick them on the wall, even if it is decorated, there is no formaldehyde. The two people have been waiting outside for most of the day, and finally there are fewer people. Li Siyu Yu took him into the house. Besides Chang Xueqin, there was also a little girl who was busy. That should be the new assistant? After all, Li Siyu was transferred at that time, and Hao Jianhong couldn\’t wait to transfer her niece. But now Hao Jianhong is gone. Thinking of them, Li Siyu can\’t help sighing. He still can\’t be too greedy and greedy Li Siyu went to Chang Xueqin and said with a smile, \”accountant Chang, are you almost ready to put today?\” she saw that the books under Chang Xueqin\’s hands were two fingers thick and seemed to have a lot of grades.


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