I\’m afraid the former male lord King Wu can\’t compare with him.

He rushed with ferocity and awe inspiring righteousness. The look on his face really has a kind of attitude of turning a blind eye to death. Unfortunately, what he was facing was Fang Yang. Even if Fang Yang\’s cultivation was limited in the forbidden land, Liao Xingwen could not resist it alone. Not to mention, now his cultivation has been restored! Although the recovery is not much, it is enough for Liao Xingwen. Looking at Liao Xingwen rushing up, Fang Yang\’s eyes really glanced faintly. He didn\’t even see any action. A mysterious Qi suddenly burst out and opened. Liao Xingwen\’s body suddenly trembled. Then it seemed that he was hit by some great force, and the whole person flew backwards in an instant. Bang. Liao Xingwen\’s body fell to the ground and didn\’t get up for half a sound. The gap between the two is too big. Chapter 831 cultivation is to restore Liao Xingwen. Now he really wants to die. Pity him for being so busy and busy. He spent so much time and did so many things. But in the end, none of his hard-earned fruits fell into his hands. After being slapped by Fang Yang, Liao Xingwen didn\’t actually suffer any serious trauma, but the scars on his mind were not light. He staggered up and sat there staring at Fang Yang. His eyes were full of water, and his mouth opened and closed unconsciously. Especially when he saw Fang Yang enjoying his fruit, his saliva would flow down. Fang Yang couldn\’t help laughing and crying when he looked at his appearance. For Liao Xingwen, he has no mercy at all. This guy, relying on the reason why he was born with Xuanbao, but he didn\’t lose Yin himself. This time, he must have known the existence of this place for a long time. He waited here and sneaked into this place to seek some benefits. I just didn\’t expect that I came so suddenly that I robbed him of his achievements. When the fruit is in the mouth and chewed, the rich spirit spirit diffuses out. After the entrance, all the immortal Qi turned into Fang Yang\’s purest power, which was greatly improved for him. The streamer turned, and Fang Yang seemed to be covered with a layer of colorful tulle, covered with gauze net. Fang Yang\’s momentum was also rapidly rising.


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