Everything is surging in the dark.

\”OK, you old man! Is Fang Yang the test object?\” huofei yelled when he woke up. The expression of the fire fan is also not good-looking. It\’s obviously not a good word to say that the spirit explodes and turns into a demon. Fortunately, Fang Yang can bear it. If Fang Yang fails earlier, the consequences will be unimaginable. However, he also knows that this is also a dangerous move. They can\’t help but fight like this. Fang Yang was at the end of a powerful crossbow before. If he didn\’t find a way to improve his combat effectiveness, he would still die in the end. \”What is the power of all living beings and ghosts? Can Fang Yang win?\” this is what the fire fan pays attention to. \”No problem!\” ebony was confident and his eyes were shining. \”All creatures and ghosts are the strongest inheritance of our black soul tribe. With Fangyang\’s glass spirit, he will win!\” I hope so. \”The fire fan mured and looked at Fangyang. The battle between Fang Yang\’s ghost face spirit and the black tower has also entered a white heat. On one hand, they are the power of the spirit and on the other hand, they are the gas of evil spirits. They both broke out completely. Between the explosions, there are bursts of sounds echoing around. The power of shock alone cannot be underestimated. Under the successive competition, Fangyang tribe has the slightest disadvantage, and not only is it not weak, but also has some advantages. Black tower\’s eyes were about to crack, and his anger was extreme. He is the head of evil spirits and a figure who has survived for thousands of years. He should have been able to stir up the world once he appeared. No one can stop him. But now, he is facing such a problem for the first time in thousands of years. It was clear that the boy had fallen to death before, as if he could kill him with a little force, but gradually it was not the case. This guy is called \”Fang Yang\”. The bigger he is, the stronger he is. Not only does his strange mysterious Qi burst out, but it has some restraint effect on his evil spirit. Now he can defeat him simply by relying on the spirit? \”I absolutely, absolutely can\’t let you survive!\” heita roared madly. He no longer hesitated. The evil spirit gas in his body was immediately fully mobilized. It can be seen that the evil spirit gas around heita was diffuse. In the wind, it gathered on the tip of heita\’s gun. With the blessing of all evil spirit gas, heita\’s gun pointed out that it was stirring the wind and cloud. Wheezing. The sound of space tearing continued. Under this gun, the evil spirit gas gathered and gathered continuously. It seemed that a huge vortex was formed at the tip of the gun. The vortex turned and wrapped around Fang Yang in all directions. At first glance, there was a black vortex formed by the condensation of evil spirit gas in front of me. With such a blow, there was no place to dodge. The people of the black soul tribe all around turned pale. When heimu shouted loudly, they also retreated and drove away from the fight here. Otherwise, they would be affected by this move alone, and their flesh and blood bodies must be irresistible. The crowd dispersed and retreated. Before the black gun awn swirled, only Fang Yang was left. Fang Yang looked up. Under the ghost mask, his eyes were like a cluster of blood red flowing fire. Although it was not strong and vigorous, as long as he was looked at, it would make people\’s heart burst, as if there was a cold surge all over his body. In front of him, the black spear awn formed a vortex and covered it endlessly. When the spear awn was about to get close, Fang Yang\’s five fingers grasped it. The black spirit around him, like a thin cloud, immediately gathered in the palm of his hand. The black soul circulated, and a dark blade was formed between the floats. Then, Fang Yang twisted his body, held a sword in his right hand and cut it out with a sword!


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