Who are you? asked a woman beside Chenghe county leader.

Fang Yang looked at him with an eyebrow, and then his wrist trembled. It was also dry and crisp, and put the nine palace sword away. Seeing Fang Yang\’s behavior, Hong Nanxing\’s eyes showed a happy look. The secret way kid is really a kid. He\’s not deep in the world. He\’s so simple to collect the sword. Now he has a dependency, but he\’s no longer afraid of you. Even if you attack again, you won\’t have any advantage this time. He looked up and was about to attack. When he caught a glimpse of Fang Yang\’s expression, he gave a body meal and forcibly stopped his movements. Fang Yang stood in front of him in a neat black shirt. At this time, there was a look of laughter on his white cheeks, and his dark eyes were full of fun. Hong Nanxing was cold in his heart, and he just felt that his mind seemed to have been seen by Fang Yang. He felt something was wrong, so he didn\’t act rashly again. Wu Nian said coldly in the back, \”Lord Hong Meng, don\’t you really want to cut the dragon with us? Although you don\’t have a heavenly alliance, the Dragon cutting society is not a person to be played by others!\” there was Fang Yang who didn\’t know the depth, and then there was Wu Nian\’s warning words. Hong Nanxing snorted coldly, so he had to suppress the palpitation in his heart. \”Naturally, I\’m faithful to my word. There\’s nothing I can\’t give you. Just come with me.\” he gave up his plan to fight directly with them. Even if he wanted to fight, he had to take them to a place with many people. This is the territory of no heavenly alliance. If there is infinite support for fighting, even two martial artists who are the unity of heaven and man, they can\’t feel better! Thinking of this, he simply didn\’t hide anything, and took Fang Yang out of the main hall with one step. Fang Yang and Hong Nanxing followed up. Hong Nanxing winked at the former disciple on the way, and the disciple hurried to the distance. Fang Yang frowned slightly. Hong Nanxing said, \”nothing. I just asked him to pass the message first and bring the two out.\” \”where is the dragon soul hall and what do they do?\” Wu Nian said. Hong Nanxing looked unhappy: \”it\’s said that it\’s a secret place without tianmeng. You two don\’t inquire any more. I guarantee that they are in good condition.\” the three people walked forward and turned around. They also had a good look in the \”imperial palace\” without tianmeng. They also went all the way to the corner of the palace. As we got closer and closer, the security around us was obviously much tighter. When the spirit of Fang Yang scanned, there were seven waves of patrols in the light, and there were countless people guarding in the dark. It seems that this place is indeed the key place in Wutian alliance. Finally, the three stopped in front of a house. The surface of the house was fluttering. In fact, when the soul of Fang Yang was swept away, we could clearly feel that there were all kinds of Dharma arrays. There were many powerful Dharma arrays. Even the soul of Fang Yang was difficult to explore.


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