Just then, Mu Zhao and Du Wei sent Du Ling to walk slowly.

At this time, he couldn\’t see how powerful the power the emperor wanted to show. He didn\’t care about anything at once and made a sharp howling sound in his mouth. Then he saw the dark fog surging around the emperor, and a large amount of evil Qi quickly circulated, enveloping the emperor like a storm. Between the wriggling of the black fog, a cold feeling emanated from it. In the shadow, there seems to be some virtual shadow emerging in the black evil storm. As soon as the virtual shadow appeared, it was absorbed together with the surrounding light. Originally, the gloomy sky fell downward, as if it would cover the sky and the earth as soon as possible. Hidden in the evil storm is the existence of great evil! \”Die for me!!\” at this time, the thunder light of Tianjun himself had been saved to the extreme. There was no hesitation at that time. In his roar, his right hand waved hard here. Then, he saw that the thunder light diffused to the extreme Raytheon Dharma phase, and the call turned into a huge white light, which rushed into the thunder clouds. At the moment of entering, thousands of thunder lights burst apart, and the whole thunder cloud trembled, which seemed to be squeezed and flew away. Each ray of thunder is as strong as a dragon, roaring and flying. The number of thunder lights on this scale is more than 100 at least! More than a hundred thunders came into the world with an atmosphere of destroying all things. Even situ Mu and others, who were ten miles away, turned pale when they saw the strong thunder roaring from the thick clouds. One by one can obviously feel the power contained in the above. If they were there, they must disappear in an instant. More than a hundred strong thunders roared. The surface seemed to collapse in all directions. It was really condensed into one. The goal was to lock on the dark emperor covered with black clouds, and more than a hundred thunderlights rushed to the emperor in almost an instant. The speed of thunder light is so fast that there is no time to dodge. When the first ray of thunder touched it, more than a hundred thunder lights burst in an instant. A series of white lights filled the room in an instant, and a great sound of shock reverberated in the yin-yang Liuxian hall. A huge ball of light emerged out of thin air. Wherever it passed, the thick clouds above its head and the vast sea under its feet were all in one place. As for the ground Palace originally attached to the yin-yang Liuxian hall, it was split in an instant, Many huge stones were annihilated by the power of such thunder. Even the hardest main hall blocked the aftershocks of the Emperor Ming and the emperor Tian\’s attacks so many times, but it failed to smoothly deal with the emperor Tian\’s last necessary blow. When the thunder light passed, the walls of the main hall rattled, countless cracks and fantasies, the gravel fell down, and the smoke filled the air. The whole yin-yang immortal hall has disappeared. As for Fang Yang, the thunder cover wall where the four of them are located can not be spared. The thunder light has the smell of exterminating everything. When it comes into contact with the thunder cover wall, it will instantly assimilate it, devour the four seriously injured Fang Yang and destroy everything. Except for the Emperor himself, all creatures in the thunder range can\’t escape death


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