At this time, Qian\’s face became more and more heavy. He took a look at his daughter and revealed his horse\’s feet just once. It was really useless. He didn\’t see his previous appreciation at all.

Hearing this, Fang Yang\’s heart trembled, and then he gritted his teeth and nodded. He took a deep breath, and his angry tremble had subsided for a few minutes, filled with only one thought. Kill the devil! Evil hunger not only has an extremely terrible phagocytic ability, but also has an extraordinary physical body. If he is attacked so many times, he may not leave any damage on his body. The whole person is like a mass of soft glue. No matter how strong the power is, he can recover quickly after collapsing the soft glue for a moment. Fang Yang calmed his mind, the nine palace sword in his hand was horizontal, and the heavenly eye divine light formula came out. With the help of the power of the divine soul, he looked at the hungry body and swept it away. He saw that the hungry body was chaotic. It was obviously a tiny body, but the evil spirit was extremely terrible. And there are no viscera and bones at all, with the power of vortex and phagocytosis. Fang Yang encountered such a scene for the first time. If it is difficult for the spirit to notice, how should he be killed? He didn\’t know how to do it, but it didn\’t mean that he was hungry and didn\’t respond. He stood up askew and then rushed to Fang Yang again. Fang Yang\’s heavenly eyes and divine light formula kept on and cut out with one sword. The sword Qi swarmed into the sword gang and was also bitten by the evil hunger. Fang Yang observed his body and saw that the sword Gang entered the body. It was quickly digested by the evil hunger itself, but melted into its own strength. \”Swallowing Xuanqi for his own use?\” Fang Yang dodged one after another. If so, he could not attack blindly. Instead, the attack from the province strengthened the evil hunger. The hungry opened and closed his mouth and ate it. The earth and rock burst and the ground was sunken. The trees were crushed. His rotten teeth were stronger than the Purple Striped xuanbing. Almost nothing could stop his bite. Fang Yang\’s mind turned. It was meaningless to entangle like this. His eyes twinkled, and then he made a decision. \”Brother Jiang Fen, you trap him with invisible sword Qi. I\’ll use the dragon eye pupil to see if there are any flaws in him!\” Fang Yang said. His dragon eye pupil can see through the heaven tunnel pattern. Since the heaven eye divine light formula can\’t detect anything strange about the evil hunger demon, it doesn\’t mean that the dragon eye pupil is useless. If you want to kill evil spirits, you must have dragon eyes!


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