Therefore, Li Siyu proposed that workers invest, and the money invested can offset the right to buy a house for permanent residence.

The two huge wax gourd hammers seem to contain the power of a hurricane. Before they are pressed down, the wind and cloud change. The waves here are overcast and covered with thick clouds. \”How powerful!\” Luo Sheng\’s eyes lit up and his heart lit up. He secretly said that this move really belongs to the strong. Compared with Fang Yang, he was convinced that Dong Hai is the top 100 people in the Dragon list. \”What\’s that boy? Under such a powerful attack, he must be defeated!\” Luo Sheng groaned. At Dong Hai\’s terrible and mysterious target, Fang Yang\’s body is still peaceful. His clothes are hunting in the wind. The nine palace sword in his hand is straight and soft with a touch of blue light. Luo Xiaoyan frowned. He doesn\’t know what the hell Fang Yang is doing. Is this son going to admit defeat? His palm has a little jade color At this moment, Fang Yang suddenly looked up and looked at Dong Hai in the air. \”How dare you compare the afterglow of such old fire with the hot sun?\” His voice was not loud, but it sounded like it sounded in everyone\’s ears. Luo Sheng and Luo Xiaoyu were both in a trance. After the sound, they saw the nine palace sword in Fang Yang\’s hand. Zheng! The sound of getting out of the scabbard was like thunder, and there was no sound in the world. Originally, there were a lot of people fighting here at the vast seabed, especially in the air The body was entangled with the powerful demon, but as soon as the sword came out, whether it was their cry or the sound of mysterious gas burst, they all disappeared and disappeared. The world was dark, and only the sword light remained. The green light was like a skillful sweep, and rushed to Dong Hai\’s face in an instant. Dong Hai\’s ferocity on the sea turned into a state of panic under the reflection of the green light, but he was holding it in his hands The heavy hammer still smashed down with all its strength. The combination of the two hammers made the wind blow on the face. The prestige was almost comparable to that of the vortex, but Dong Hai\’s strike with such strength was instantly pierced by the green awn when he came into contact with Fang Yang\’s sword light. Chapter 543 is a strange battle method. The green awn is like a lightning chop.


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