Tao Dan was surprised to see Li Siyu. He didn\’t expect that she would come to him.

Even if he has a little relationship with the Yaowang Pavilion, he can walk sideways on the upper floors, and the terror of large groups can be seen. Is this boy the core member of the Yaowang pavilion? Thinking of this, both Shi Jing and Zhou Tong look shocked. Shi Jing has a burst of regret in his heart. He knew that this boy was a person in the Yaowang Pavilion. Where did he dare to go before Speaking in that tone, it\’s too late to curry favor. But the words have been spoken out, and it\’s too late to regret now. He can only pray secretly. He still cares about some life-saving feelings. As for Zhou Tong, his face is bloodless. \”Who are you?\” he asked timidly. Fang Yang glanced at him calmly: \”who am I? Does it have anything to do with you?\” He sneered and glanced around. Then he was too lazy to deal with these people. With Xiaoyi, he turned around and walked into the room. The rest of the people looked suspicious, but none dared to stop. In the room. When Fang Yang came in, he saw that Yu hongdie had helped Yu Qiu refine the medicine. The transparent light of the jade color flowed, and the route visible to the naked eye was in Yu Qiu I walked around for a few times, then slowly retracted to protect his heart. \”How about it?\” Fang Yang asked, and he walked to the bedside a few steps. Yu hongdie\’s face was red, excited and nervous: \”I don\’t know\” after all, she was not a doctor. \”Let me see.\” Fang Yang grabbed Yu Qiu\’s wrist and diagnosed his pulse. Although his dark Qi was sealed and his soul was seriously damaged, his medical skills were still there. After a quiet exploration, Fang Yang said, \”the effect of Yu Xindan is still very strong, and the poison of dragon breath in his body has been suppressed for the time being. Although it is not enough to completely remove it, there is nothing to do for at least three months.\” \”Really? Great, great!\” Yu hongdie exclaimed excitedly. \”Don\’t be happy too early, it\’s only three months.\” Fang Yang looked at her excited appearance and reminded her with laughter and tears, \”We have to find another way to cure him. But don\’t expect that Zhou Tong will pass. Even if he has some level of medical skills, he is also a Taoist priest, and it is impossible to remove the dragon breath poison. This dragon poison can\’t even cure the pill in the medicine King\’s Pavilion. It\’s only possible if the elder of the medicine King\’s Pavilion above Tianyang level does it himself and doesn\’t hesitate to spend Xuanqi to heal.\” Hearing this, Yu hongdie was dumbfounded, but then said gently, \”it\’s much better. The longer it takes, the more hope there is for treatment.\” even so, her tone didn\’t report much hope. \”Don\’t worry, I\’ll find a way.\” Fang Yang said.


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