His heart was very complicated. When he thought of what happened last night, Lin Cheng was in a haze.

In the spacious hall, there was a continuous roar. Two disciples of Wuji mountain sect erupted in mysterious Qi, and their fists and palms intersected. Every time they bombarded, the surrounding earth trembled. Xing Yuting firmly controlled the first hand, and the mysterious Qi of one hand and one fist gushed down. Sun Manzi almost had nothing to resist, but no matter how trembling and bright the limitless ares armor on his body surface was , sun Manzi still didn\’t have the slightest intention of retreating. \”Sun Manzi, what are you struggling with up to now? Did you think you were a senior brother of Wuji mountain sect? Now you are just a sect deserter and a bug! I give you a chance to fight with me one-on-one, just want to trample you under your feet!\” Xing Yuting kept forcing him with words and laughed loudly. The mysterious Qi attack in his hand became more and more powerful. Bang! He waved his palm right on sun Manzi\’s chest. There were already some irresistible sun Manzi who spit blood at once and retreated one after another, but even if he worked hard, Xing Yuting met him again. Xing Yuting was very angry: \”Scum, waste! It\’s time for you to fall down! Don\’t waste my time again and again!\” Roaring, the palm strength erupted again and roared down. Chapter 393 skillfully broke the game. Xing Yuting shot again and again. When each majestic palm strength hit sun Manzi, it was difficult for him to resist. But no matter how far he fell and how much blood he vomited, sun Manzi would stand up again with his embarrassed body and meet Xing Yuting\’s attack again. They fought one by one, how could they survive It seems that Xing Yuting\’s murders are all over the place. But after sun Manzi fell down and stood up again and again, the expressions of the people around him changed slightly. He has strong willpower. Xing Yuting\’s every attack not only didn\’t leave his hand, but also burst out his strength with all his strength. The disciples of Wuji mountain sect are strong in flesh. How simple is his strength in one hand? If they were in any early Yang state The martial arts master, not to mention the continuous palm strength, at most three palms will be beaten, and his viscera will be broken, his bones will be broken, and it is difficult to get up. Even if sun Manzi is also a disciple of Wuji mountain sect, he should not have a body that can ignore Xing Yuting\’s attack. Therefore, every time he gets up, he just depends on his own willpower. What he did at first Some people despise sun Manzi, but at this time, some people\’s minds have changed slightly. Who would be the most heinous person who can have such a strong willpower? Especially some people who do not participate in the two sides\’ battle. No matter how you look at it, Xing Yuting looks like a ferocious person. Xin Guihua looks at her teeth and clenches her hands tightly and loosens them When she clenched her hands tightly, the mysterious Qi had been flowing for a long time, but she didn\’t attack hard. Tang\’s face was still cold, and Dai frowned. For her strong sense of justice, this scene was even more unbearable. Xiao Si clenched her sleeves and looked down at the ground.


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