She looked at the unfinished form in her hand and didn\’t finish it, but it wasn\’t a day or two.

At this time, Fang Yang\’s nine palace sword was lightly waved, and the half arc sword light directly set a mirror in front of him. Whoosh! The silver light collided with the mirror. The mirror trembled suddenly, but it was not directly broken by the light, but swallowed all the light into it. The gorgeous light lasted for a quarter of an hour before it dissipated slowly. After cold wolf used this move, he also lost a lot of himself. He was panting for a while. His huge body shrunk rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he returned to his previous ordinary appearance. The white hair on his body surface also faded, which was obviously a sign of exhaustion. This is enough to kill the martial arts of the same level. It is powerful enough, but the consumption is not fun. \”Death deserves more.\” the cold wolf sneered, turned and walked towards the silver wolf behind. With this move, the silver wolf swallowed the moon, and the boy absolutely didn\’t even exist! He went to the silver wolf and patted the silver wolf\’s hair. When he was about to order to kill all these people, there was a sudden cry behind him. \”How is this possible?\” \”no, he\’s not dead?\” he didn\’t do anything at all?! \”when he heard the voice, the cold wolf suddenly turned his head. When he saw the familiar figure where Fang Yang stood, his body trembled, and then his eyes suddenly opened,\” how, how is it possible!!! \”He lost his voice and screamed, his face full of disbelief. Fang Yang, who should have been swallowed by the silver wolf under the moon and annihilated in an instant, stood in place without any damage??? Fang Yang stood quietly. The previous sharp light seemed to be an illusion. Don\’t hurt him. He didn\’t even leave any dust on him. His face was still plain. Looking at the cold wolf over there, he sneered: \”the three moves have passed. What are you going to say now?\” \”Fang Yang!\” \”great, Fang Yang, you\’re blocking it!\” \”Wogou, how did you do it? What just happened? I seem to have some eyes.\” compared with the fright of the cold wolf, the people on Chunyang Zhenzong were stunned and filled with joy. The wind had no trace, his eyes were shining and his face was red: \”miracle, you are indeed a miracle maker!!\” \”no, impossible. How did you do it, my silver wolf swallowed the moon\” Cold wolf\’s face was pale and his frightened tone stuttered. He no longer had the previous domineering appearance. He clearly felt that his silver wolf swallowing the moon ran through Fang Yang\’s body. How could he be all right? What was the previous situation? Even his own silver wolf swallowing the moon could stop it. Who is this little boy?


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