The single door courtyard is much more than Li Siyu\’s place of residence, which is a bit similar to the quadrangles in the capital.

Fang Yang was surprised and subconsciously stepped back, but the black-and-white light seemed to recognize him. He rushed to Fang Yang\’s face, and the light flashed between Fang Yang\’s eyebrows. His body trembled, and he only felt a strong breath spreading between the sea. Fang Yang stood still, like a puppet, but he was immersed in the sea Medium. I saw the black and white light flowing in the sea, and finally turned into a palm sized yin-yang fish. The yin-yang fish didn\’t move, so it hung quietly. It was like a black-and-white moon rising in the air of the weak sea. \”What is this?\” After observing it and realizing that it did no harm to Fang Yang, his mood calmed down a little. His soul moved and tried to touch the yin-yang fish. However, no matter how Fang Yang urged his soul, the yin-yang fish didn\’t change at all. Fang Yang smiled bitterly: \”why is it another strange thing?\” Needless to say, the withered flowers and plants obtained in the Yang gate also got such a yin-yang fish that didn\’t know what it was in the Yin gate, and also broke into his own sea of knowledge without authorization. Fang Yang was helpless and retreated from the sea of knowledge. \”Fang Yang, are you all right? What was it just?\” Xin Guihua asked. Fang Yang shook his head and said, \”I don\’t know.\” \”I feel a strong breath of soul.\” Xiao Si said, \”it should be a good baby.\” \”I hope, anyway, I\’ll get into my sea of knowledge for no reason.\” Xiao Si said flatly: \”the secret of reading Sheng Zong\’s happy eyes can communicate with heaven and earth a little when it was just opened. I seem to have seen similar patterns.\” \”Oh?\” Fang Yang was surprised. \”So, it will certainly be a good thing,\” said Xiao Si. Fang Yang smiled, \”it\’s all right, I don\’t care. I\’d better hurry up to adjust my breath these days, and then we\’ll leave here.\” Several people answered one after another. For two days in a row, Fang Yang sat cross legged. After the war, Fang Yang learned Kendo and Kung Fu again, which made Fang Yang gain a lot. He just felt that he knew the cocoon of the soul in the sea and was about to turn into a butterfly.


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