I\’m going to kill this old lady!

\”I\’ve been chasing her for so long, even if I want to kill her, I\’ll get tired of it.\” Zhuang bien seems to think of the way wuchuer scolds himself, and his eyes are full of evil. \”And the Yang boy! I\’ll pull out his tongue a little bit!\” \”as long as there\’s no Wumeng! I\’ll kill him long ago.\” Zhuang Yisha angrily said, \”Just contact Huang Ning and ask him to bring someone in person. The old ghost Wumeng has good strength. It\’s best to enter the mountain at a time when he is inconvenient. At that time, a small gray sparrow mountain hum.\” Zhuang BIE nodded heavily, and their faces were full of cold. The next day, Fang Yang sent the prepared 600 kg of big demon meat to Wumeng. Wumeng looked at the pots full of thick fragrant meat, drooling and happy: \”good boy! Your movements are very quick.\” Hearing this, Fang Yang couldn\’t help rolling his eyes. It\’s easy for him! It\’s OK to say the meat and spiritual materials. The key is that Fang Yang kept running pure Yang Xuanqi all night before he finally cooked the 600 kg meat. \”Three hundred kg of it is the middle stage demon of the empty underworld, and the other three hundred kg is the big demon of the empty underworld.\” Fang Yang said. \”Enough, enough!\” Wumeng was overjoyed. \”I\’ll eat the meat of the big demon in the middle of the empty underworld. The rest will be distributed to the people on the mountain.\” \”Hey, boy, don\’t worry, I\’ll send it in your name, which will definitely make them more grateful to you.\” Wumeng smiled. \”Don\’t do this, what I want.\” Fang Yang urged. Wumeng threw a storage ring: \”I\’ve been ready for a long time. Among them, there is a small moving Rune and two phantom runes. After crossing into your mysterious Qi, a phantom of you will be derived for a period of time. It has no attack power, but it\’s best to avoid other people\’s pursuit.\” \”Oh?\” As soon as Fang Yang\’s eyes lit up, he glanced inside the storage ring and was satisfied. For Fang Yang, who had been chased all the time, this so-called phantom symbol would really be very useful. \”What\’s the news about Yuling Shenglu?\” Fang Yang asked again. \”I\’m not sure about Yuling Shenglu, but I\’ve heard of it.\” Wumeng said, \”The head of the water moon regiment, with thousands of soft water, has a drop of rain holy dew in his hand.\” \”water moon regiment?\” Fang Yang asked. \”Shuiyue regiment is one of the four strongest forces in the Guya mountains, the three mountain forces. The leader, shuiqianrou, is a very strong expert, and almost reaches the early Yang state. The mountains value men over women, are good at water attribute attacks, and are very aggressive towards men, but it\’s very difficult to do.\” \”I advise you, boy, you\’d better not think about the water moon group, otherwise you may take yourself in.\” Wumeng reminded. Fang Yang nodded.


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