She has been here for half a month and has not told her family that she is safe and told her home where she lives.

\”I\’m not a fool!\” sword array? Fang Yang stared at the stone tablet, and the power of the soul was slightly detected. As expected, he was aware of the cold sword meaning contained in the three big characters. It turns out that there is Dharma array blessing, which makes these big characters so eye-catching. At this time, suddenly a group of noise came from behind. \”Get out of the way! Get out of the way for me!\” then a group of people in standard armor came out and directly spread out in front of the stone tablet. Among them stood a middle-aged man with an eagle nose. The eagle nose man glanced at the mountains in front of him and was overjoyed: \”it\’s really the core cave. Please use the communication jade amulet to greet the others.\” immediately, one person crushed the jade amulet in his hand. The man with an eagle nose coldly swept over many martial artists and said in a cold voice: \”this place is taken over by our Eagle guard. Irrelevant people will get away immediately!\” \”Eagle guard? Is it one of the four guards of Hunyuan mansion?\” \”fuck, the four guards of Hunyuan mansion arrived. This guy is so arrogant that he will occupy this place when he comes up.\” a martial artist couldn\’t help jumping out and yelling: \”This is the core of the xuanjie, not the army of your Hunyuan mansion. If you say take over, take over! What do you think of us!\” the eagle nose man\’s face sank and said angrily: \”provoke the four guards and die!\” He clawed at the martial artist with three fingers. He saw the dark Qi condensing at his fingertips, condensing into a sharp eagle claw, and slamming it down. The martial artist\’s face changed slightly, and the dark Qi was distributed in front of him, but the eagle nose man\’s strength was obviously higher. The dark Eagle Claw tore the dark Qi in front of him and cracked it in his chest. Pooh! Blood splashed, and the man was hurt He flew out and left three bloody claw marks on his chest, revealing his viscera and bones. He died here. Many martial artists who saw this scene suddenly changed their complexion and subconsciously took a few steps back. \”Hum, if you dare to find something, this is an example!\” the eagle nose man smiled proudly and sneered.


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