Several people looked at it, but they didn\’t say any more.

Seeing this, Teng shuize turned his head and looked at Ling Xuan with some concern: \”let\’s go. I\’ll heal you on the way. Don\’t worry about your injury.\” In this regard, Ling Xuan chuckled. Teng shuize\’s beating him had been left behind by him. However, he still had nostalgia for Tang still. However, since Teng shuize had spoken, he must not violate Teng shuize\’s wishes. After taking a deep look at Tang still, Ling Xuan shook his head. \”Lord Teng!\” At this moment, Tang still suddenly spoke. His body stagnated slightly, stopped, took a look at Tang still, and Teng shuize said lightly: \”what\’s the matter?\” \”Lord Teng has excellent cultivation, and I am even more prominent. I can be said to be the most outstanding young hero in Huoyu County for so many years!\” Tang still said slowly: \”But Lord Teng just said that he let me go because of Ling Xuan\’s promise, but why is it only aimed at me and Lord Fang Yang Teng wants to take me away? Isn\’t that a breach of his promise?\” \”Fang Yang is different. Fang Yang is connected with a wanted criminal on the Dragon and snake list, and I want to take it back for investigation.\” Teng shuize said faintly. \”Lord Teng, how dare you judge? But what evidence?\” Tang still asked, \”poof!\” but as soon as her voice fell, a strong Qi burst in the next second. Tang still took a mouthful of blood and immediately gushed out. His originally extremely pale face became more pale at this moment. The whole person stood outside the hall shaking, as if he might fall at any time. \”Do you need to explain what happened to you?\” Teng shuize asked in a frozen voice. When he said this, Teng shuize\’s voice suddenly became cold: \”what do you think you are? If you go down the mountain, go quickly, otherwise, I will kill you on the spot for the crime of deserting soldiers. Oh, I really think I am a character!\” Strong man! Teng shuize is undoubtedly a strong man. Although his strength has not been fully understood, Teng shuize already has a strong heart. Even if the beautiful pink lady of the country is in front of me, if she blocks me, she will be killed! Not to mention that Teng shuize has been in a high position for many years and has been extremely hegemonic for a long time. How can he stand the hostages of Tang still ask her? \”Still!\” it can be seen that Tang is still injured. Fang Yang grits his teeth hard and feels a little anxious. It\’s just that Fang Yang has tried the taste just now. At this time, the recklessness has been suppressed by Fang Yang. \”Well, let\’s go.\” Teng shuize said faintly and went down the steps. \”Lord Teng, if so, please take Fang Yang and me away!\” Tang still suddenly stood up and said in a calm voice. Hearing the speech, Ling Xuan, who was originally with Teng shuize, was suddenly happy. Teng shuize caught Ling Xuan\’s fleeting face and took a deep look at Ling Xuan. Teng shuize snorted: \”The woman\’s every move is holding Xiaoxuan\’s heart. It seems that Xiaoxuan has a lot of friendship for her. If she agrees with Xiaoxuan, it\’s just fine. From what she just looked like, she doesn\’t feel anything about Xiaoxuan. Such a woman can\’t let her have any entanglement with Xiaoxuan, not like killing her now.\” Teng shuize\’s heart has been killed, and a wisp of Xuanqi on his palm has slowly gathered. Tang is still a man of this strength. He only needs one move to deal with it. But soon the Xuanqi on Teng shuize\’s palm dissipated: \”no, if you kill him in front of Xiaoxuan, Xiaoxuan will inevitably hate me in the future, so let her be free and send someone to clean her up.\” At this point, Teng shuize Leng hummed, \”I said to let you go is to let you go. Let me take you away? It depends on whether I am willing or not!\”


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