Cadre Liu nodded. That\’s not right. I won\’t tell you. Let\’s talk again when we have time.

The little dragon girl nodded and her face began to ease, \”Of course, I don\’t blame you. After all, the disciples of all sects come from all over the world. They are excited when they see the leader of the alliance. In addition, they are far away from the general forum, lack of restraint and discipline. I don\’t want to blame you, but the major event of the leader\’s ascension has not been successful yet, and we invite monks all over the world to observe it It\’s too noisy. It will affect the alliance leader\’s cultivation. It\’s a big event. \” \”I see. I\’ll tell you right away.\” Kuang Chongxiao turned around and ordered his disciples. In the Dragon hidden alliance, everyone knows the strength of this little dragon\’s vice leader. Although only Yuan Ying\’s early cultivation, her water and moon skills, which she and her younger martial sister have practiced, far exceed her cultivation. Moreover, in recent years, under the guidance of Mu Chen, her cultivation has made rapid progress. Xiao Longnv was obviously satisfied with Kuang Chongxiao\’s attitude. What he wanted was this vigorous and resolute style of work. She didn\’t go on until they finished explaining. \”Of course, when so many people come to our Longyin mountains, we can\’t take it lightly. We must do a good job in the prevention work, and it\’s loose outside and tight inside. We can\’t give others a chance. This is the top priority. Elder Ruochen, you have to give consideration to this aspect.\” \”I have arranged that all monks who come to observe can only stay in the specified areas. We have carried out strict protection in these areas,\” Taoist priest Ruochen replied. After emphasizing safety, Xiaolongnv\’s conversation changed: \”Shifu, he always works with foresight. In fact, we can make good use of this flying ceremony.\” Xiao Longnv said and looked at Tang Yi. \”Elder Tang, tell us your opinions.\” Tang Yi is the only elder below the end of the Dan period in the whole Longyin League. However, his strategy has been well-known in the whole Longyin League. Therefore, no one disagrees. \”This is not only a grand ceremony, but also a rare learning opportunity, but also a great opportunity to raise the reputation of Longyin alliance,\” Tang Yi said, \”Personally, I think we should also take advantage of this opportunity to maximize the interests of the alliance. For example, we have made a simple registration for all monks who come to Longyin mountain this time. Although some people reported false names and sects, generally, we can master some of the monks\’ information and slowly attract them in the future.\” \”Also, most of the people who came to Longyin mountain this time are high-level friars. We can take the opportunity to release some of the pills and magic weapons stored in our hands.\” Tang Yi\’s eyes fluttered. \”Those are the reserves we have worked hard to establish. They are all hot goods. As long as we are willing to sell, there must be many buyers. However, in this way, our own reserves are insufficient. Moreover, there is no shortage of money and spiritual stones in the league now,\” Shen Wanshan said anxiously. Tang Yi smiled faintly. \”Elder Shen misunderstood me. I mean, let\’s barter. We only use the spirit stone as the price and deal in kind, and we don\’t need the spirit stone to deal directly. On the one hand, we can make our reputation as a product of elixir and a product of weapon. On the other hand, we can also take this opportunity to buy a large number of valuable medicinal materials and rare magic weapons.\” \”More importantly, we should take advantage of so many high-level friars gathered in Longyin mountain to create a new trade Festival. The \’Longyin mountain barter trade Festival\’ is held every few years, so as to strive to concentrate the precious resources of the whole mainland of Beijing on our circulation.\” Tang Yiyue became more and more excited. \”OK, that\’s a good idea. Well, Tang Yi will be responsible for these two things. You need manpower and help. All elders and sub altars will fully cooperate. We should seize this opportunity and establish the status of Longyin League as the largest League in Beijing at one fell swoop,\” ordered Xiao Longnv. The crowd nodded in turn. \”Nothing else?\” asked the little dragon girl. They shook their heads. Now everything is ready, except the east wind \”Well, Qianyu, it\’s up to you to go to the top of the peak and tell the master that everything has been arranged below. We disciples of the League wish him to rise to the Tao,\” said the little dragon girl to Li Qianyu.


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