Don\’t look at her usual magic knife, but she can\’t stand the old lady\’s temper.

After taking the bottle containing molten liquid, Jane Xi waved it gently, and the liquid in the bottle flew to the green moon in the chaotic fire. The transparent liquid quickly and slowly penetrated into the blade of the green moon. Jian Xi gradually integrated it with the body of Qingyue. After more than an hour, the transparent liquid was finally perfectly integrated with the body of Qingyue. Before the blade solidified, Jane Xi began to use her spiritual power to depict the array on the blade, which used almost all her energy. If the previous action was easy for her, then this step was the most difficult. Sketching little by little, there can be no fluctuation. The use of spiritual power can\’t be a little uneven, and can\’t make a mistake. Jian Xi doesn\’t even dare to blink and concentrate. It\’s daybreak. After Jianxi draws the last stroke, the chaotic fire is removed. The array lines that have been perfectly connected shine blue in an instant, and the liquid blade solidifies rapidly in a few seconds. A sharp blade with smooth lines and green light floats in front of Jianxi, shining brightly, reflecting the blue shadow of the blade on Jianxi\’s little face. A happy mood wave spread to Jianxi\’s heart. With a flash of Qingyue\’s blade, it automatically fell into Jianxi\’s hand. Jianxi flashed in her eyes and looked at the Qingyue in her hand with joy. \”The best spirit tool\”? Unexpectedly, I just wanted to upgrade Qingyue, but suddenly let it grow into the category of best products. However, Jian Xi still knows how many kilograms she has. It\’s not because she has excellent refining methods, but because she only repaired part of the scars of Qingyue this time, so that it can be restored to its current grade. It was by no means the best spirit tool. This feeling rose in her heart without a trace of doubt. Because this feeling is handed to her by the green moon. Although it can\’t speak or express, she just understands. Holding it, Jane Xi has never had a full feeling. Since her cultivation has been improved, she uses the green moon less and less, almost nothing. Now she picks it up again, especially like an old friend Jane Xi smiles and looks at the knife in her hand, which trembles in response to her. Chapter 494 wonderful combination The transport array in the low-level mainland is not as accessible as that in the high-level mainland. There is no direct transport array between many cities. Therefore, Jian Xi and others spend a lot of time on that \”cloud\”. They want to rush back to Tonghua city. They are in a hurry, so they don\’t stay in any city more. Although they are not too tired, But also in a hurry. In a twinkling of an eye, they had been out for 13 days. Jane Xi and her three came out of the Philadelphia transmission array. They looked up at the city she would have felt very towering a few years ago. From today\’s perspective, it was like the comparison between urban and rural areas. However, after they came out of the transmission array from Philadelphia, they found a strange phenomenon, that is, there are so many high-level friars who should not belong to this small city pool, and there are even friars in the period of getting out of the body or even turning into God. However, no matter how high their accomplishments are, Jianxi and others don\’t see them. Although the monks in the period of transforming God are only the initial accomplishments, it\’s not normal for Jianxi and others to belong to remote cities in such a. Several people decided not to rush on the road, but to find a better restaurant to eat some local food. Then, they went to a place to taste food. This has formed a habit during their journey these days. None of the three thought it was boring. Instead, they all looked forward to and were in high spirits. They tasted all kinds of snacks everywhere, exchanged their feelings and discussed the characteristics, whether it was the spiritual food made by monks or the special snacks among mortals. There are a lot of packaged food stored in their rings. They are still steaming and fresh when they are taken out at any time. No, it\’s Philadelphia. Well, the name reminds Jane Xi of a city in a country on earth, but there is a world difference between here and there. There are no white people with blond hair and blue eyes, all yellow people. Why is that so. Jane Xi doesn\’t know, and Jane Nan doesn\’t know, let alone Yu Shanshan. She is a native of xuanqiu star. The three of them have come to the largest local restaurant they can find, juxianju; When they saw that the first floor was full and the second floor was full, they secretly said that this restaurant was still very popular! The waiter led the three of them to the third floor. It\’s so easy to find a person near the window who just turned over and took a guest\’s position. Two female practitioners who only have the Qi refining period are busy cleaning up the leftovers of the last group of guests. The waiter with magic, Jian Xi, said it was very good.


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