The other rooms outside also listened to the movement here.

When the girl in yellow said \”brother Tao\”, her eyes looked at the man in green. Besides, the girl in yellow just passed by and despised a lot of clothes and skirts. Then she saw Jane Xi\’s perfect side face. For a moment, jealousy hit her heart and blurted out the previous words. The two young men who had not paid attention to collecting clothes there were said by the girl in yellow. Just look this way. Jane Xi wore a white modern dress with a simple horsetail on her head. She had ears and eyes on her ears, but she didn\’t wear any earrings. When she looked back at the girl in yellow. The sunlight outside the window shines against her back, which makes her figure covered with a halo. The perfect and exquisite face of plain face is even more eye-catching like a pool of clear spring. There is no lack of beauty in the cultivation of immortals, but most of them are cultivated the day after tomorrow. Some natural foundations cannot be lost. Jane Xi came from the earth and received different educational ideas from the people here. In addition, her natural beauty, modern educational concept and fairy temperament after cultivating immortality make her whole person exude a unique flavor and temperament. Even if the dress is so alternative and simple, even if there is no jewelry, it is so eye-catching. Jane Xi doesn\’t know. In fact, a small part of the attention ceremony she has always received is because of her strange dress, and most of it is because of her unique beauty and temperament. Two of the people walking with her are women who have good intentions towards her, and the other is a grandfather who is old enough to be her grandfather. He doesn\’t have any ideas about her, but Wang Qiang is intentional but powerless and doesn\’t dare to express a trace of obscenity, because he doesn\’t want to be thrown into the forest by them on the way. Besides Qiu Yan, She also met Shen Hongyan, who is a natural beauty of bones, and saw all kinds of beautiful female practitioners on the road. She subconsciously thought that there were too many beautiful female practitioners on the mainland. Now she can disappear from everyone, so she no longer cared whether her appearance could cause unnecessary trouble. It\’s not. Until now, she\’s lying with a gun. I don\’t understand whether the woman is ill, doesn\’t recruit her, doesn\’t annoy her, and why she\’s staring at herself. When she first arrived, she didn\’t want to make trouble. Jane Xi looked back and satirized her yellow shirt girl, but took her clothes and ignored her. She turned to Li Yan and said to them, Master Li, master Qiu and Shen Daoyou, I\’ve finished buying. Let\’s go. Li Yan and others nodded and agreed. Seeing that Jian Xi ignored the three people, they ignored them. After all, it\’s better to do more than one thing. Among the three people, the two teenagers are the later accomplishments of Jindan, and the girl in yellow shirt is the initial accomplishments of Jindan. The three of them have luxurious clothes and good temperament. Depending on their real age, they are only in their twenties. They have such accomplishments, I think he is also a person with a good background, so several people don\’t want to cause trouble. The party walked out from the side of the person. Jane Xi was the last one to go out. When she passed by the two men and women, she saw the girl in yellow suddenly stretch out a foot. If Jane Xi took another step, she would stumble. Fortunately, although she didn\’t want to trouble, she also paid great attention to the words and deeds of the beautiful girl. She hurried and flashed away from her feet, but she was in a hurry, There was still some stumbling at his feet, which caused the girl in yellow to giggle. \”Linger, don\’t be fooling around,\” said a young man angrily, reaching out and pulling the girl in yellow. \”Brother, why are you holding me? Who makes her so arrogant in front of me?\” the young girl in yellow shirt has a charming and domineering attitude. Jane Xi\’s heart is also filled with anger, but the next moment she thinks of her first entry into the Renhua mainland and her first entry into the weir city. It\’s not suitable to make enemies. Forbearance will reduce many things. Let\’s treat her as a female mad dog. Jane Xi took a cold look at the yellow girl named ling\’er. She still didn\’t say anything. She turned and drove away with Shen Hongyan\’s back. \”Brother, what do you think of this woman? Brother Tao, ling\’er is very angry.\” the sweet and greasy whine voice almost made Jian Xi in the front of the line stumble again. This TM is too artificial! \”Linger, don\’t you look at the clothes? See if there are new clothes. I don\’t know if there are all the goods at home!\” a nice male voice interrupted linger\’s coquetry and turned her attention away. \”Look! Yan Tao, I\’m sorry. Linger has to drag us two men to see women\’s clothes. It\’s really hard for you.\” linger\’s brother said sorry to her friend. \”Where? Where?\” Yan Tao glanced at the girl in pink standing next to him and asked, \”you can have the latest Dharma clothes here? Take us to have a look.\”. Seeing the handsome man talking to herself, the girl in pink said in a soft and cowardly voice, \”yes, three predecessors, please come here.\”. \”Brother brilliance, please –\” Yan Tao made a gesture of invitation. Seeing this, Hua ling\’er also temporarily forgot Jane Xi, who was just looking for trouble, and ran away with the new robe. The girl in pink dress was just beautiful, but her voice was soft and waxy. She was very nice. Brilliance couldn\’t help looking at her more. Yan Tao smiled and looked at the female monk with only five layers of Qi refining. He also had an idea in his heart. The girl in pink dress, who was originally shy, suddenly had a cold war, But the next moment was full of joy.


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