The old lady was very happy.

After hearing what Xinyu told her while checking, Jane Xi took a breath and ran to the only sane grandfather Jane. Her requirements are not high. She just hopes that they are all alive and there is no danger to their lives. The rest can be cured and people can find a way to solve them. As long as they are alive, they will have a chance. Therefore, only when she is sure that Grandpa Jane is all right will she really relax. Therefore, when she comes to Grandpa Jane, Jane Xi is also a little nervous, hoping that there will be no accident. Jian Xi, who finished his pulse, finally relaxed his eyebrows. Grandpa Jian was the lightest of the three, and his internal injury was not serious. He was just trapped in the acupoints by the three people of Baiming sect, so he was weak and had no injuries. Therefore, he was able to stay awake. He witnessed the thrilling battle between Jian Xi and Xinyu with his own eyes, which shocked him who was a soldier, \”The fighting between monks is like this,\” says Chien HSI. The dark fog is rising over there, accompanied by bursts of extremely painful ghosts and wolves. He doesn\’t know the life and death of his grandson. His heart is constricted, and he always carries it. On the other hand, Xinyu fought two opponents alone, and gradually one more wound after another hurt old man Jane. After several years of getting along, the two families got along like a family. The second old man of the Jane family liked Xinyu very much. When he knew that Jane Xizhen took Xinyu as his brother, he no longer wondered whether they were in love early, Sincerely accept the same combination of grandparents and grandchildren, and the relationship between the yuan family and the Fang family in Shennongjia, which makes their two families even closer. Now, seeing the child black and blue by the enemy, I only hate that I can\’t help at all. I can only watch the two children desperately rescue their three old guys. At that time, there were tears in Jian Dongjian\’s tiger eyes. The iron man who hasn\’t shed tears in his life can\’t bear to see it anymore. He closes his eyes and two lines of hot tears run down his cheeks. It was not until the explosion sounded that he opened his eyes and looked at the sound source. The next situation rekindled his hope. When he saw the two children killing the enemy, Jian Dongjian really felt the maturity and growth of the two children and the ruthlessness of starting without mercy, which is an alternative maturity that those children in today\’s society do not have, For the two people who are only 18 years old, Jian Dongjian doesn\’t know whether they are good or bad. They can only listen to fate. After all, they have been different from ordinary people since they knew that they are both disciples of the ancient martial family and the legendary friars. It\’s impossible to be ordinary. Jian Dongjian is still unable to speak, He could only silently watch Xinyu kill two middle-aged people. Jian Xi mercilessly killed the struggling Yin Changfeng until Jian Xi had come to him. Chapter 244 gain wisdom by taking a cut \”Grandpa, fortunately, you have nothing to do. This is not a place to stay for a long time. Wait for me for a while, and then I\’ll take you to the hospital immediately.\” Jane regretted. Grandpa Jane couldn\’t have a reaction. He got up and went directly to the ground of broken corpses that had begun to melt. After picking up the two storage bags, his fingers shot several red lights. Suddenly, the ground was full of broken meat that hadn\’t completely melted, It turned into nothingness, including the dead Yin Changfeng\’s head and body, as well as the fragments of those skeletons on the ground. All the blood stains disappeared, and the ground was as clean as nothing had happened. After dealing with these, Jane Xi offered the sacrifice to Qingyue. Her mind has expanded to be as wide as a door leaf. She took out a silk scarf, carried the unconscious grandma Fang on her back, and tied her with herself. Grandpa Jane is sober, so she asked grandpa Jane to sit on Qingyue and hold him in the back to prevent him from falling down, Yuan\’s father took his flying sword with him by Xinyu. They spread out their bodies, hid their bodies, rushed to the night sky and flew to the Second Affiliated Hospital. When Jian Xi rushed into the emergency room of the hospital with grandma Fang on her back and Yuan\’s father and grandpa Jian on Xinyu\’s left and right, several doctors and nurses on duty saw it and ran over immediately. When the doctor handled the three people urgently, she pushed them into the ward and hung some drops. Jian Xi also quietly fed some Lingquan water contained in the mineral water bottle to the three people. Their cultivation was still low. She didn\’t dare to feed Shengyuan pill to them, for fear it would backfire. Then the doctors took them to the consulting room to deal with the trauma. In fact, it was not only Xinyu\’s injury, but also Jian Xi\’s, but she didn\’t notice herself. She was very nervous and didn\’t even feel pain from beginning to end. Until the doctor saw that he wanted to continue to stay in the ward to take care of the two people covered with blood, he angrily scolded them, and then let them obediently accept the nurse\’s treatment of their wounds. The next morning, after the doctors went to work, the four old people adjusted the ward again and all lived in a large ward. However, this is also the only ward with suite in the hospital. In order to take care of the four elderly, we must do so. There is no shortage of money. Coupled with the relationship between secretary Wu Songnian and secretary Wu, the doctors are even more attentive and enthusiastic. Yuan\’s father had an operation to straighten the broken leg bone. Fortunately, he is now a monk, otherwise he would be crushed. Destined to be disabled. Now just lie down for a while and you can recover. I\’m so lucky. However, when Yuan\’s mother woke up and saw yuan\’s father\’s miserable appearance, she couldn\’t help crying. Jane Xi knelt in front of the four old people. She kowtowed three heads to the four old people in tears and admitted her mistake. She thought that she had brought all these disasters. It was she who killed the carefree guest that caused the four old people to suffer such a great crime. She was sorry for them. Several old people were all injured. The hospital took conservative treatment for the inner hospital, coupled with Jane Xi\’s Lingquan water, the effect was also obvious. At least their faces were not that pale. A little blood color has climbed up the cheeks, and the rest is a matter of time. But even so, they were still in bed and couldn\’t move significantly. Seeing Jane Xi like this, they all had to sit up. Xinyu pressed this and ran to press that. How could they blame Jane? \”Xi\’er! It\’s not your fault. At that time, you were helping the yuan family and the Fang family. If you let go of the carefree guest, the yuan family and the Fang family would face the loss of lives of thousands of people. What are our old bones? We can\’t finish laying eggs. Do you think the four old guys will be better at that time? You have the heart to look at many innocent people like us Is the family facing destruction? You can\’t. You\’re right about this. What\’s wrong is these crazy animals. Even if we do it again, we\’ll support you. Xin Yu, pull Xi\’er up quickly. \”Grandma Fang leaned half on her pillow and said in a weak voice.


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