Yang Jun thought of someone who believed a little while ago and said that his sister-in-law had fallen into an ice hole. It was really a narrow escape.

Mom, it\’s all rubbish. As for it! How can we be like them! They don\’t deserve us to be angry for them at all, said Jane with a smile, not affected by what happened just now. \”Think about it! It\’s not the first time I\’ve seen such a person. How can I be angry for such a person? It\’s really not worth it. My daughter is better than her mother!\” Jane Xinyan thought and smiled. For a moment, she was as beautiful as a blooming lily. \”No, no smart mother, no smart daughter.\” Jane Xi smiled pleasantly and sprinkled Jiao around Jane Xinyan. \”Jane Xi\” a heroic male voice sounded. The two mother and daughter are laughing happily. They look up at the sound source together. \”Brother Dagang? Brother tie? It\’s you. What a coincidence?\” Jane Xi greeted the visitor with a smile and some surprises. \”Jane Xi, shopping with friends!\” Dagang\’s voice was still so loud, and ah tie smiled without saying anything. \”What friend! That\’s my mother,\” Jane explained coyly. She had a good impression of this person who was quite good at Xinyu, so her words were very casual and relaxed, and there were no taboos. \”Mom, these are my friends, Dagang and a tie,\” Jian Xi also introduced Jian Xinyan. Jane Xinyan smiled and stretched out her right hand. Dagang and ah tie, who were somewhat cramped, shook hands and said, \”Hello, I\’m Jane Xi\’s mother, Jane Xinyan\”. \”Ah – so young! Offended – ah – aunt\” Dagang stammered. Anyway, it\’s really difficult to call aunt with a woman who looks about his age. Dagang\’s black face is a little red and purple, and ah tie is not much better. \”Pooh Pooh\” Jane Xi saw Dagang\’s embarrassed appearance, smiled, interrupted and asked, \”brother gang, what are you doing with brother tie?\” Chapter 134 don\’t go out tonight Jane regretted that she couldn\’t look at Dagang and a tie. They were so embarrassed that they made a fork like a little girl and asked what they were going to do? \”We\’re going to have dinner in front. A friend of brother Qiu invited two people to dinner. Brother Qiu didn\’t have time, so he let us represent.\” Dagang finally breathed a sigh of relief and got rid of the dilemma just now. \”Oh, let\’s go first. Don\’t let others wait. My mother and I still have to go shopping. Come to Xinyu and play with my family when we are free. Now our two families are very close. You haven\’t come to play for some time,\” Jane Xi said with a smile. \”OK, OK, I\’ll go. I\’ll go when I have time. Then let\’s go.\” Dagang looked at Jian Xinyan again embarrassed and whispered, \”bye, auntie.\”. \”Goodbye\” ah tie\’s words were simple. He just nodded to Jane Xi and Jane Xinyan with a red face. \”Goodbye -\” Watching Dagang and a tie leave, Jane Xi and Jane Xinyan turn around and start shopping again.


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