After dinner, Li sinang will not go home today and stay here all night. It takes an hour to walk to the town. It\’s still snowing now, and the mountain road is even harder to walk.

When the blade absorbed the blood, the scabbard broke away from Xinyu\’s hand and put it on the blade. Then the light flashed into Xinyu\’s abdomen and disappeared. \”Ah! How did it get into my stomach?\” Xin Yu was frightened, jumped up, pressed his stomach hard, opened his clothes and looked at his bare belly. There was no trace. He was so anxious that he jumped about on the ground. \”Don\’t worry, don\’t worry, Xinyu, be quiet, don\’t jump, listen to me…\” looking at what\’s happening in front of her, Jian Xi has roughly understood that the little sword is covered with a faint halo of treasure. It should be a spirit weapon. As for what level it is, or what kind it is, Jian Xi doesn\’t know much by relying on book knowledge. In other words, She is the kind of person who has only theory but no practice. In short, it\’s a baby who can recognize the Lord. This process is similar to that recorded in the ancient books left by the Golden Lotus fairy. I don\’t think it\’s much worse. She pulled Xin Yu, who was jumping around and frightened, and yelled loudly before she told him to shut up and be quiet. Chapter 30 spirit tools and tree holes \”Shut up… Xin Yu, listen to me. It\’s okay. Calm down and listen to me slowly… Listen to me slowly! It\’s not a bad thing, it\’s a good thing! Really, you believe me, it\’s a good thing!\” Looking at Jian Xi suspiciously, Xin Yu asked, \”do you know where the little sword has gone? It didn\’t run into my stomach?\” \”It is into your body…\” \”Ah?… ah!!\” Xin Yu still wants to jump. \”Can you listen to me quietly? Jing…\” Jian Xi had to hold down Xinyu, who was going to blow up the temple, but turned his eyelids and shouted in a lengthened voice. \”It\’s not in your stomach, it\’s in the Dantian of your stomach, okay? Eh!! it\’s still in your stomach. I\’ll go… You\’ll calm down. I\’m confused. I\’ll explain and explain to you. Stand there and don\’t move! Stop jumping! Ha! Listen… Listen to me from the beginning. It\’s your blessing to get the sword to recognize the Lord automatically! Really, I won\’t lie to you, It\’s still a good thing. \” Jian Xi was a little confused by Xin Yu. It was easy for him to calm down again. Then he slowly talked to him from the beginning \”Dantian is located in the lower abdomen of the human body, on the front midline and 1.5 inches below the navel. Well, yes, put your hand on the abdomen. Well, there are three fingers under the navel. Yes, Dantian is right there. The Dantian mentioned in general martial arts, immortal Xia novels or movies is here.\” Jane Xi took his hand and told him the location of Dantian. \”The book says: after the navel and before the kidney, it is called Yanyue stove, also known as Qihai. It is called Huachi, also known as xiadantian, with a radius of one inch and two points. It is also a hole in the empty space, where essence is stored and medicine is collected. There are two orifices, one upward to the inner kidney, and the other downward to the tail. In the middle is an orifices made out of nothing. It is strongly called Xuanguan. When Zhiyi Qi is produced, it is called Xuanguan Self opening. Dantian is not a tangible thing, and it doesn\’t exist. It\’s only a range, not a fixed point. Don\’t look for it on your body. You can\’t get it off your body. Don\’t look for it on the body. It\’s not an organ on the body. You can\’t get it away from the body. Dantian is in the body. You can\’t find it without the human body. Therefore, Dantian is \”if there is energy, it will open and show, and if there is no energy, it will hide\” Jian Xi told him a statement about Dantian in the book. Looking at Xin Yu\’s confused appearance, but there was no sign of jumping up again, he explained the detailed meaning of that statement again, and then said: \”That little sword should be a spiritual tool described by practitioners. It has a spirit. You cut your finger and absorbed your blood. It is equivalent to completing the most preliminary recognition of the Lord and being able to be cultivated in the Dantian. However, you have only used the marrow washing pill I gave you to wash your hair and marrow, but you have never practiced any skill. There is no Dantian and no aura. The little sword can only be stored temporarily in your Dantian, but It can\’t warm up, but it doesn\’t do you any harm. You can\’t call it out again until you cultivate Reiki one day and then slowly warm up to a certain extent. You also have enough Reiki and divine consciousness to control it, so… You can\’t take it out now. If you can\’t take it out, you can only store it there until you have enough cultivation in the future. Now The ball is the end of the law. There are few auras. Practitioners don\’t know how many, let alone spirit tools. It\’s estimated that magic tools or treasure tools are difficult to meet. I understand that spirit tools should be very difficult to meet. You\’re lucky. You should be happy to get such a treasure. You\’re scared. Are you still a man? Hey!!! \” Jane said so much in one breath while he was listening quietly. She didn\’t know how much he could understand? \”What is a man of practice? What is the end of the Dharma era? What are spiritual tools? Is it better than the magic and treasure tools you said? How can I practice? I don\’t have any skills?\” Xin Yu followed up with a series of questions.


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