Those two people were very fast and arrived in an instant. They fell lightly in front of Jianxi and qijieshu. The city is not allowed to fly, but there will be some special people or things, whether it is the original earth or today\’s xuanqiu star.

A weird thing appeared. The body of the senior demon slave stopped swelling, absorbing the blood of Shanghai frantically. The blood that originally existed in its body flowed out from the crack one after another, and the pure ancient demon blood poured into its body. .As the blood of Shanghai entered the body, the crystal on the forehead of the senior demon slave gradually disappeared, and the ancient demon heart core held in its other hand was also melted by the blood, and merged into the body of the senior demon slave. The broken body slowly healed.Although the process is very slow, the advanced demon slave is recovering. It is recovering. At the same time, the ancient demon aura contained in its body is getting stronger and stronger. In the end, it slowly overflows from the body. The ancient demon aura contains amazing mystery. That is a pure origin.At the same time, the demon power remaining in Shanghai\’s body was melted away, completely melted away, nothing was left, and primitive power began to grow in his bloodline, precisely because of this. A primordial force completely extinguished the power of the demon.The power of those demons was so huge that it was enough to shatter countless star regions, but they were all completely destroyed.Trance!Shanghai felt that his consciousness was drawn away, and he traveled through the endless time and space, and came into the star field that is unknowingly many trillion years old.In the vast star field, there are two figures standing tall, one is huge, and the whole body contains the terrifying power that destroys the sky and the earth. The momentum alone makes countless star fields tremble. This is a monster, almost reaching A big monster at the emperor level.And the other figure is extremely deep, like a sky, but this figure is not big, no different from ordinary people, this is an ancient demon.The two shot at the same time, and the million star domain was distorted.At the moment of staggering, the power of the big demon turned into nothingness, and it was completely suppressed, while the ancient demon shuttled through the chest of the big demon, piercing it, and finally held a demon core in his hand. Without even looking at it, the big demon\’s nucleus was crushed on the spot.Raw power…Looking at the power permeating the ancient monster, Shanghai couldn\’t help taking a breath. He finally knew why the monster was so afraid of the ancient monster. The original power could suppress the power of the monster, even the big monster that was close to the strength of the emperor could not be spared.The ancient demon disappeared, but at the moment he left, Shanghai saw something that shocked him even more. On the back of the ancient demon\’s palm, there was a scale—that was a dragon scale…Chapter 1602for a long time!Shanghai\’s eyes have regained their clarity, but their eyes are full of shock.The dragon scales were not attached to the ancient demon\’s body, but seemed to grow on the back of his palm, as if it was born by nature. This was incredible.Dragon Demon…If calculated carefully, the ancient demon can be regarded as a simplified form of the dragon demon, but what kind of connection is there between the dragon demon and the real dragon? Why can the ancient demon absorb the dragon scales and hold the power of the real dragon…


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