Similar to the form of Yanbi city at that time, Tonghua city also has an organization dedicated to renting the cave, but the scale is larger. The cave is also cheap, and of course the quality is too much better. Jian Xi didn\’t rent the best cave, but rented a medium and high-grade cave, and the area of the cave is not very large. But it is also an independent hill with abundant aura and beautiful scenery. There are some harmless birds, animals, fish and insects in it. Some fairy families have lost their weather. The functions of the cave are also very complete. Even the entrance under the mountain where the cave is located has special guards, which is well intentioned.

I know this place. I\’ve been here several times before and haven\’t seen the ancient temple. How come there is an ancient temple here at this time. A peak god king said in surprise.Could it be the ancient palaces left by the four great imperial palaces or the ancient powerhouses… The elder cracked the sky slightly opened his eyes, \”it\’s no wonder that the four great imperial palaces and the ancient powerhouses can send the strongmen into Jibing silently. The sea area is gone. It turns out that someone has set up the ancient teleportation hall here. It seems that there should be more than one.\”Before, the Swire Alliance and the Four Great Palaces had sent strong men to come, but how to get in without disturbing the Alliance of the Gods, has not been able to investigate clearly, and now I finally understand that it turned out to be directly entered with the help of the ancient palace of teleportation. In extremely ice out……Shanghai moved towards the ancient temple. Under his perception, there was a little breath of Mu Ningxue\’s second daughter remaining around, and the direction of this aura pointed straight to the depths of the ancient temple, but in the ancient temple, he did not. Perceive the existence of the second daughter.There is no one in the ancient temple, the entrance has been opened, Shanghai enters into the ancient temple unimpededly, the whole ancient temple is empty, nothing exists, only one teleportation array exists, and this teleportation array has been shattered. .Looking at the traces of fragmentation, Shanghai noticed that it was a treasure previously given to Mu Ningxue, named Xuantianlei. If this object bursts open, its power is equivalent to a blow from the pinnacle god king, and the teleportation array is It was blown up, seeing this scene, he could imagine the original scene.obviously!The two daughters of Mu Ningxue escaped here. Although they did not know how they entered, they did not damage the hidden Primordial Enchantment. They obviously knew that the hidden Primordial Enchantment could not last too long. , Simply stepped into this teleportation formation, and when leaving, exploded the teleportation formation with Xuantian Thunder.In other words, the two girls should be on the other side of the teleportation formation. As for where they are, it is not clear for the time being.This is a cross-domain teleportation array. I don\’t know where the connection is. It has been completely broken…To repair it, I am afraid that it will take some world. said the elder cracking sky.How long does it take? Shanghai asked.I don\’t know where this teleportation array is connected. It may be the Four Great Palaces, the Primordial Alliance, or other places. No matter where it is, there is danger, especially for the two daughters of Biyuelan.I don\’t know for the time being, I have already sent a formation mage to come. The elder cracking sky said here, comforting: \”Little Friends Lin don\’t need to worry, since Girl Mu and the others can run here, their abilities should not be weak, they shouldn\’t. Encountered too much danger.\”Yeah! Shanghai nodded, but the worries in his heart were not less than that.soon!A skinny pinnacle god king rushed over. This person was dressed in the costume of the ancient formation mage. He was indeed a high-level formation mage. The appearance of this man even the elder of the Sky Splitting came up to welcome him personally. It is no wonder that those who can reach the level of a high-level formation mage are extremely rare. Even if the strength is only the pinnacle god king, the status of the perish god alliance is no less than any elder.The skinny Peak God King didn\’t say much, he quickly stepped forward, checked it carefully, and took his gaze back about a quarter of an hour later.How? Elder Cracking Sky couldn\’t help asking.This is a long-distance teleportation array. It is still unclear where it leads to. Judging by the power contained in the formation, it is estimated that it is going to an unusually remote place, and it may even be a cross-domain teleportation array. The Peak God King said.


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