The old man with black hair didn\’t stop her. When he saw the first eight pills, two of them were the best of three circles of pills. He couldn\’t help but pretend to be confused, and Jane Xi continued to refine the next pill.

Immediately, everyone chose to be silent. Although their faces are not good-looking, they are better than being seriously injured or even falling here. Most of the people present are alone. Once injured, it is difficult to be precise, and the rest will not. Will fall into trouble.The expressions of the people, Shanghai was watching, but he didn’t say much. What he needed was this result. After the breakthrough, he used mystery to kill the bird in one fell swoop. Not only could it have a deterrent effect, but it could even be present. The superpower of, can\’t stand his true ability.certainly!Also includes the emperor Shengtianzhi and others.Standing in the center, Shanghai looks down on everyone, and does not shy away from the eyes of the other strong. In fact, after reaching the level of the sixth world respect, he is sure to defeat the super strong just now, but it will not be able to achieve the deterrent effect, even with many strong ones. Those who took action one after another, caused themselves to become the target of siege.Why is there no one to provoke the emperor Shengtianzhi and Luoyue, because they are the heirs of the god emperor, this identity alone is enough to shock everyone, the other strong are unnecessary and will not provoke Both of them.Shanghai had already understood this point before this, so he had to achieve the greatest effect at the least cost, and that was the only way to make everyone not see how much he had, and let them be afraid and disgusted. Dare to shoot.Of course, the key is that Shanghai has just broken through the sixth world, and the realm is not stable. If you fight for a fight, it may lead to a decline in the realm.After a while, one of the three god kings took a deep look at Shanghai, did not say anything, turned back and swept outside the hall of Fa Transmission.This move caused a subtle change in the Great Hall of Falun Gong, as did the other two god kings. They waited for a few breaths. Seeing that no one did it anymore, they also left one after another. All three god kings left, naturally the rest. The extremely strong will not stay there anymore, especially the strong who has just obtained a half-moon blade, has already left quickly.One after another, some strong men stood up and left, and some quietly retreated. Soon the entire hall of Falun Gong was only five people left, including the three of Shanghai and Ji Ya, as well as the emperor. Tian Zhi, and Luo Yue.The atmosphere of the group suddenly became more subtle.Although Luo Yue looked straight ahead, she always felt Shanghai, and so did the emperor Sheng Tianzhi. As for the two of Ji Ya and Mu Ningxue, they were naturally biased towards Shanghai. There were five people in total, forming a kind of triangular opposition. Special relationship.At this time!The emperor Sage Tianzhi Lian moved slightly and took a step towards Shanghai. This move naturally attracted Luo Yue\’s attention.Friend Lin, should we set off? The emperor Sheng Tianzhi\’s voice is very beautiful, and her noble and graceful temperament is even more difficult to look at, even Luo Yue will take a look. But he just watched it, and didn\’t have much idea.As the heirs of the god emperor, they all know that people like them are very similar. They are looking for the footsteps of the god emperor. They have been working hard to become the next god emperor all their lives. They basically won\’t move any emotions. .Seeing that the emperor Sheng Tianzhi had a close relationship with Shanghai, Luo Yue took a deep look at Mu Ningxue. With a movement, he disappeared in the Fa-Teaching Hall. Naturally, he would not stay there anymore, although he was not afraid of the emperor. The female sage Tianzhi is not afraid of Shanghai, but she does not want to suffer from the combination of the two.Suddenly, there were only four people left in the Fa-Training Hall. Three of them were first-class and one-of-a-kind. Although Ji Ya has lived for thousands of years, she has been cultivating all the year round. This age is for the realm of the god king. , She is still very young. As a woman, she will inevitably compare her appearance.Looked at Mu Ningxue, then at Shengtianzhi.


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