\”I-27\” Qi Jiexing\’s face is a little red, and he is also bored. How can he be embarrassed when it comes to his age?

Can\’t kill with one blow, SouthThe old man shrank his pupils, this kid\’s physique was too terrifying, much stronger than he expected, and what was even more terrifying was that this kid\’s mighty power was so strong, even compared to those top-tier gods.And that spear was also quite weird. I don\’t know what it was made of. After the power of God passed through it, it was cut by about 30%.If this son does not die, it will become a major disaster in the future.The pupils of the old Nantian showed a terrifying killing intent, and once again strengthened the power of the god general, the black claws swelled up suddenly, the lightning spear was suddenly bent, and the god general’s might penetrated through the lightning spear. On the body of Shanghai.Bang!Shanghai, whose body was almost shattered, swiftly regenerated the ancient demon, and quickly pressed down the broken body. The strange power contained in the blood in the body was consumed crazily, and only less than half was left in the blink of an eye. It\’s only recovered the small half.The black claw cover pressed down, Shanghai\’s face flushed red, and the Tiangang ring on his hand opened slightly, and Xiaoding began to tremble.Boy, resistance is futile, you will only die even worse.Old Monster Nantian said coldly: \”No matter what your origin, no one in this abandoned world can save you, and no one will doubt the Lord of God when you die. Therefore, you are the most I’m good to give up the idea that someone will avenge you.\”Kaka…The Thunder God Spear had been bent to the extreme, and the huge black claws shrank slightly.suddenly!A figure swept out, and Hengkong slammed the Nantian boss with a punch.Cthulhu General… Old Monster Nantian was shocked, but he seemed to have been prepared. He waved the hoisting banner with his left hand, and saw the primordial yin spirits continuously melted out of the banner, entangled with the Cthulhu general.not good……Shanghai\’s expression changed, because under the entanglement of Primordial Yin Ling, the spirit of controlling the Cthulhu General was constantly being consumed. If it continued, he would lose his control over the Cthulhu General.Jie Jie, the god will have long expected you to release the evil god, so I was prepared long ago. The primordial yin spirit of the spirit-calling banner can isolate all the methods of manipulation. If you lose the evil god, what qualifications do you have to be with the original god? Will be against the enemy? If you have any hole cards, just take them out, or you won\’t have a chance. Nan Tian said in a deep voice.Shanghai\’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the lid of the small tripod in the Tiangang Ring had been opened. Just as he was about to release the divine power into the interior, he quickly stopped and stared behind the Nantian Boss in amazement.Perceiving the look of Shanghai, Boss Nantian seemed to feel something was wrong. His years of practice had made him aware of a terrible sense of crisis, and he quickly turned his head. When he saw something appearing hundreds of meters behind him, his face suddenly changed.


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