While they were having a heated discussion, they heard a \”bang\”, which made their hearts tremble. They all stood up and ran outside the mustard house.

Daoist Gongsun is right. I am only waiting for life for a hundred years at most. I am afraid that I will not live for five or six years at least. It\’s our only hope… An old monster nodded.The Nantian God will use secret methods to control the body of others, and the strength can\’t be fully displayed. This is a rare opportunity for me…Old lady, I did it too.Pause!The seven old monsters headed by Gongsunhai showed terrifying ancient patterns all over their bodies. Their pupils were glowing with different lights. Their thin bodies suddenly became full, and their hair quickly grew out of their faces. They all started to get younger.In an instant, the seven old monsters became the appearances of their youth, handsome men and slim women. This time, they have laid their blood, and they will not hesitate to use secret methods to burn their own vitality in order to gain the strength at their peak moments.what……Break it for me!The seven old monsters roared again and again, and the power of the gods burst out, and even one old monster displayed his strongest third-class magical skill. When he waved it, the flames were heavy, and the source of the gods in the passage was completely burned. Become ashes.Click!The black mansions split.The old monster Nantian\’s expression changed. He gritted his teeth when he saw the power of seven terrifying attacks. Although he is a god general, his real body has long been put away. Now he is using the body of Shanghai, at best. It\’s just 30% of its power.Seven of you, all going to die……\”Boss Nantian was completely angry, his eyes shot out the sky-shattering blue light, and endless black lights emerged from the body of Shanghai, and quickly gathered together to form another body. This is the real body of Boss Nantian. After being transformed, the suppressed god will be completely released.咻咻…The black light shot out like a sharp front.The power of the seven old monsters was extinguished one after another, vomiting blood burst out.The power of the gods is too terrifying, even if it is Gongsunhai and other old monsters who are already at the limit of the top gods, it is difficult to stop them.call out……


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