\”Ah! Nothing. Your dress looks like your grandparents. Grandpa misses your grandparents for a while. It\’s been too long. If you don\’t dress like this, Grandpa will probably forget what your grandparents look like.\” Jane Nan\’s smile is a little bitter.

The words of Senior Brother Dao still kept circling in his mind.Shanghai, where the Second World Zun’s Great Perfection of Reincarnation has the ability to kill the power of the Third World Zun’s reincarnation, is still killing two in one fell swoop. If he is allowed to comprehend the level of the Third World’s reincarnation mood, it will be in the battlefield of Gods. Who else can suppress this son?By then, they might not be chasing Shanghai, but they will be the target of being chased and killed.Can\’t let him grow anymore…Shenhai stared at Gushan steadily, and the anxiety in his heart became stronger and stronger. If this son continued to live, it would definitely be a catastrophe for the True Underworld God Race.To die, he must die…Shenhai\’s expression became savage, and he finally understood why the ancestors did not hesitate to spend 100,000 high-grade Shenyuan, and even bluntly said that they would kill Shanghai at all costs, because the growth of this son was so amazing, he also thought of a little , That is, Shanghai has grown so fast, is it related to what the ancestors were looking for?Shoot all, at all costs, quickly break through this defensive barrier, kill Shanghai as soon as possible, and never let him live. Shenhai immediately ordered that he could not drag on any longer, and the more time passed, his heart was uneasy. The more prosperous.at all costs……More than two thousand elite powerhouses were shocked after receiving this order.Yes! All the strong responded in unison.boom……The world was shattered, and more than two thousand elite powerhouses were all launched. What a terrifying momentum, everything in the millions of miles of land, except for the lonely mountain and the defensive enchantment, as well as Moriye and others, were completely destroyed. Turning into powder, feeling this amazing power, the hearts of Moriba and others suddenly sank.Boom boom boom…Under the impact of the terrifying force, the defensive barriers continued to explode, and the wood realm experts either vomited blood and flew upside down, or were shocked and killed on the spot.In less than three breaths, the defensive enchantment continued to condense, and it had been reduced to a range of less than a thousand miles, and the number of enchantment points had been reduced from more than 200 to more than 50, and the defense enchantment began to appear. The rift is almost unstoppable.Senye and others looked pale, looking at the dead and wounded brothers, their hearts were bleeding, but they had to hold on, because that not only represented the king\’s order, but also the dignity of their wood world.Bang…The defense barrier burst.Miss Yi, please protect the lonely mountain. Sen Ye said in a deep voice.


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