At the critical moment of life and death, Shanghai suddenly felt an extraordinary force surge in his abdomen. The blood of the ancient demon that was still stagnant shook, and the original solidified divine power began to slowly revolve. At this moment, the power of the divine power is in operation, but it is extremely critical. Determine life and death.

The barrier defense of the secret room is extremely high, and it will not be damaged, but the structure of the secret room itself is somewhat difficult to support, and it makes a crackling sound.In the side room.Ming Yuyan\’s body is covered by a peculiar black brilliance, her graceful and multi-faceted figure is looming, a jet-black green silk fluttering without wind, like a fairy, she is indescribably beautiful. In her body, she continues to give birth to something stronger than another. strength.Impressive!She was refining that drop of blood from the descendants of the first generation of gods.I have to say that the effect this time is quite good. The bloodline in her body has increased by about half, and her strength has doubled. Although it is not as good as Huang Zhizun, it is not much better than Lone Arrow and others. Yes, if she fights against each other, she also has a 70% to 80% chance of winning.After the essence and blood were refined, Ming Yuyan opened her eyes, and there was a hint of implicit joy in her eyes. She was quite satisfied with this improvement. Following this, she will stay on the battlefield of gods for a while. After going back, maybe it is hoped to surpass Huang Zhizun.The battlefield of the gods is indeed a place of great chance, if it hadn\’t been here, she would not have received the blood of the first generation of gods\’ descendants.This object has a much higher value than ten high-grade god sources. Although the god source can also improve bloodlines, it is different from the essence of blood. It takes time to refine a high-grade god source, which is far more than the essence of blood. According to Ming Yuyan\’s abilities, it would take her at least two or three years to completely refine a high-grade god source, and the bloodline improvement was far less than the essence of blood.In addition, after the high-grade god source is absorbed, you have to wait ten years to absorb the second one, otherwise it will cause the god source impurities to accumulate in the body, which will have an impact on future cultivation and promotion.Just when the work was being received, there was a cracking sound from the wall, and I noticed that Ming Yuyan\’s pretty face changed slightly, and she cast her beautiful eyes on the wall. When she saw the cracks above, she couldn\’t help being surprised. .What happened?How could the wall crack?Ming Yuyan was full of doubts, her beautiful eyes stared at the wall, even if she practiced, she couldn\’t break the wall with her full strength, not to mention that there was a strong defense barrier. Obviously, the crack did not appear from her. But next door…There is only one person living next to her-Shanghai!Could it be that he made it?At the thought of this, Ming Yuyan\’s heart trembled slightly, knowing how tough this wall is, and it is protected by the barrier, even if it can break the wall with all its strength, what about the barrier? Unless, through the enchantment, the power can be hit on the wall, but how much power is needed?Ming Yuyan couldn\’t imagine it, she was absolutely beyond her foreseeable scope.Subconsciously, Ming Yuyan flicked her hand and opened the secret room enchantment. When her figure moved, Xiangfeng walked with him and disappeared in the secret room.Outside!


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